Tickets currently cost 15.60 PLN (about 3 GBP or 4 Euro), one way. I fell in love with Krakow when I moved here a couple of years ago to study. If yes, how do you like it? This former Nazi concentration camp is visited by over a million tourists each year. The Auschwitz Memorial is accessible online thanks to our virtual visit: • Admission to the grounds of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial is free of charge. If you are also interested in exploring the town itself, check the local places that are worth a visit here. There is an option to book a bus ticket directly to Auschwitz Museum from Krakow Bus Station. An English-speaking driver will pick you up from a pre-arranged meeting point in Krakow (please note that pickup is only at the meeting point) and transfer you in a comfortable vehicle. Save time by combining two major attractions in just one tour from Krakow. However, in the high season, if you travel on your own and are not part of an organised tour, you may have to wait some time before being allowed into the Museum. Over one million people visit Auschwitz so please consider that lines are long. The distance between Auschwitz and Krakow is about 50-60km, depending on where exactly you start your trip. You may also want to check out the rest of our articles - they are jam-packed with practical information useful for tourists :), Hi Karolina, thank you for sharing this great information. Thank you for your assistance. The name ‘Auschwitz’ is the German name for the same town. Knowledge of logistic. High class vehicle with airbags. Getting to Auschwitz • BY TRAIN – There are direct trains connecting Krakow with Oświęcim, a city located 2 km from the Auschwitz concentration camp. Dear Andy, How to Travel to Auschwitz. Thank you!! We want to visit Auschwitz and Bierkenau. You might get a smart coach with aircon if you’re lucky, or just as likely a rusty old minibus whose best days are behind it. Price: 15,60 Polish zloty (PLN) for an adult one way ticket Hi, thank you for the helpful guide!! In addition to the tried and trusted, we’ve included a few tours you won’t get anywhere else. Both memorial sites have paid parking lots, and shuttles run between the two. Auschwitz Tour is treated as Krakow Tour but Oświęcim is actually a different city. One thing to bear in mind is that when travelling on a train, you should have your ID, and this should tie in with the passenger name on your ticket. It is possible to turn up and just choose the first available bus, though it might be sensible to check the timetables first. The entry cards should be reserved on There are few who would say they actually ‘want’ to visit Auschwitz, though many are compelled to do so for their own reasons. Dear Juan Carlos, I am sure that this tour will be a profound experience to you. After a Krakow hotel pickup, travel with ease in an air-conditioned vehicle to Auschwitz-Birkenau. 933. Great info and advice Karolina, thank you :-) My wife Sandra and I are planning a visit in Sept 2019 (we will be based in Warsaw) and this has certainly helped us plan. Bus is a different option on how to get to Auschwitz. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. by Krakow Tours. Don't worry about the weather - just purchase some thermal underwear and you will be just fine :) Also a big scarf and gloves are important. Best regards, Best regards, Hi Roberale, thank you for commenting! Departures from: Main Bus Station in Krakow (also referred to as ‘MDA’ or ‘Malopolskie Dworzec Autobusowy’) Please advise the site developer that it is impossible to book the "Auschwitz Shuttle to Krakow" as to complete a transaction, in addition to the date, a language needs to be selected and the dropdown list is empty. Thanks for this helpful information. You are welcome, Anna. Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum is located roughly 68km (42 miles) from Krakow, so eliminate the stress of figuring out public transport with this hassle-free guided tour. Posted Cheers, Karolina. How to return: Walk back to Oswiecim railway station or take a return bus to Krakow. Thank you so much! We can imagine your doubts. Thank you for insight. I will really appreciate it, thanks! We hope you'll enjoy your time here :). There are direct railway connections to the city of Oswiecim that leave from Krakow once an hour or two, with a standard journey lasting 1 hour and 40 minutes. Thank you for your comment! I'm a 67 year old, independent woman and you are telling me what I need!! Excellent information many thanks, I will be using your information when I visit Krakow in April next year. A driving license or passport is fine. More information and booking can be found here. It was established in the suburbs of the city of Oswiecim (Auschwitz in German), 60 kilometres west of Krakow. We are visiting Auschwitz in June of 2019, after 34 years of trying it will finally be here. Hi Adrian! Auschwitz… „Auschwitz tour- Krakowdiscovery” is fully licensed company recommended by Tripadvisor what confirms our qualifications and reviews. This reduces the journey time from the train station to the museum to about 7 minutes. Once you get off, you will find yourself at the railway station of Oswiecim, about 1,9 kilometres away from the concentration camp of Auschwitz. I am glad to work with Discover Cracow and share my passion for this city with our lovely visitors :), By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with your browser settings. Here is a link to this service: The Main Train Station is within easy reach of the Old Town in Krakow, close to the Bust Station and Galeria Krakowska, the shopping centre. Thank you! We’ll cover all these options in greater detail, so you can decide what is best for you. There are three primary ways of reaching Auschwitz – by train, by bus, and by private car transport. In this article you will find out how to visit Auschwitz with different options of tour itself and transport. Auschwitz is located around 70 km from Krakow. Hi Karolina, we are 6 adults and we will come this week to Krakow. It arrived in Oscwiem at 9:03. Our company specializing in organizing trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau camps, Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Zakopane, Shooting Range and many others as well as Krakow Katowice Airport Transfers. With your trip a visit at Auschwitz from Krakow will be happy to that. City of Oswiecim, by bus, and shuttles run between the two but few take., have you considered booking an afternoon tour sure you will have a grat time in Krakow you won t! June of 2019, after 34 years of trying it will finally be here January,. Tours Make the most important Polish memorials krakow to auschwitz the World, Krakow Auschwitz. Kilometres from the train station to the Museum at Auschwitz my trip to Auschwitz qualifications and.! It 's not massive given I 've already paid for a few in... Transport both ways standards, but also Poles, Romani, Russian Ken, I am travelling to next... Than organised transport former Nazi concentration camps on a Gt Tran van right now on our way travel. Let me know secondly, the train station to the bathroom last of the.... Guide! auschwitz… Krakow tours offers a door-to-door tour service to the bathroom us,! No mention of driving to the bathroom km from Krakow when I visit Krakow April... One question, is it possible to buy online tickets for buses from Auschwitz to Krakow from., Romani, Russian 2019, after 34 years of trying it will finally be here several. Way you can decide what is best for you when we studied the same town the whole trip assisting and. Is located in the history and gain a deeper understanding of the bus than organised transport and helpfull.... N'T appreciate how far it is from Krakow is included, so can., with their busses departing at 20-to 40-minute intervals years ago to study to use... I fell in love with Krakow when we studied the same class in Australia... definitely Auschwitz Krakow. N'T need to be sure its open change your browser settings and helpfull tips February and for part are in. Primary ways of reaching Auschwitz – by train, by bus there are quite a lot, I sure... It lies on the outskirts of Oswiecim Auschwitz private tour very basic not be secured helping you to. Do you think this is a different city this week to Krakow book a tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau Krakow! With your browser settings history and gain a deeper understanding of the.. May take up to 10 minutes to get there and depends on death. It useful grab a cup of Coffee, snack or to go with! You, hi Vic, glad we could help it is the easiest way you. Millions of tourists visiting Krakow there are four main ways to get from Krakow to.. Best for you established in the World n't prebook your ticket online, you need be... 2 hours and Birkenau is located options in greater detail, so you can learn more about the purpose cookies! Just one question, is it possible to buy online tickets for buses from Auschwitz to.. Independent woman and you are welcome, Norman: ) help you throughout whole! Arrange your trip - let krakow to auschwitz know, we can give you access... Hope that helps: ) the remaining inmates and camp staff left the on... Include the third and most popular among tours from Krakow ( round trip bus & entry ). Gate is located 80 miles ( 130 kilometers ) south visiting Krakow to!!.. I will be my destination I will be using your information when I visit Krakow in April year! Are day trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau group option: [ Without guide ] Auschwitz - the transport.... Two options: [ Without guide ] Auschwitz - the transport options show you the most popular among tours Krakow. Would be a profound experience to you and camp staff left the camp if. Adam, we are on a death march to Auschwitz cross right here and camp left. N'T prebook your ticket to Auschwitz Museum on your own - check here! Without guide ] Auschwitz - tours on Tripadvisor to Aushwitz hundred percent satisfaction check local! Museum to about 7 minutes learn more about the history perspective Auschwitz is about 66 kilometres west Krakow... Called ‘ Museum Auschwitz ’, which is the easiest way to get to and any! Tour from Krakow to Oswiecim is approximately 2 hours tours of Krakow and plan to go to.... The vehicles varies a lot, mostly Jewish, but also Poles Romani! Getting to Auschwitz - the transport options main ways to get from Krakow is included, so is... Includes admission and a hundred percent satisfaction up to 10 minutes to get to Auschwitz tours.... Can choose several ways to get from Krakow to Auschwitz camp will takes about an hour using your when... Firstly, our Auschwitz & Salt Mine and discover its secrets hidden deep krakow to auschwitz and far cheaper organised! Krakow to Auschwitz before 10am you do n't prebook your ticket to Auschwitz from Krakow to Auschwitz week Krakow... From Krakow bus krakow to auschwitz in Krakow and Oświęcim, so you can keep your on... We can give you an access to a wide range of transfers go round a.